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i24s pride themselves in supporting, helping, and working collaboratively with Indigenous community groups, sports groups and clubs, as well as Indigenous youth groups.

Justin and Angela Kickett, both believe strongly about giving back to the community and empowering indigenous youths.

i24s sponsor various Indigenous AFL and basketball teams annually to participate in competitions locally, interstate and sometimes overseas. 

i24s is in partnership with Kickass MMA for the purpose of encouraging youths to come out of their comfort zone and do something they normally would not. 

There are many success stories of Indigenous youths overcoming their struggles of mental health, low self-esteem issues, and living in toxic environments, to becoming very successful and influential individuals.


Justin and Angela are strong advocates of supporting struggling Indigenous individuals and helping them reach their goals. They do this by enrolling them in the i24s ‘Indigenous Development Program’ and overseeing their progress from start to finish.

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