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Our program is designed to change the course of a young person’s life using our knowledge of “unemployed youth”. 

We engage them in an in-house program of self motivation and discovery and make them job ready. We achieve this through the delivery of training such as self-esteem, motivation, fitness for work, work place safety, social media and career planning. 

Our program involves:

Training with employment outcomes, for real jobs with employment pathways. This includes traineeships with a transition into a Full Time Employee position.

Mentoring strategies internal and external to the workplace, with 24-hour contact if required.

Ensure the workplace is trained and competent in cross-cultural awareness.

Changing the course of people’s lives with employment outcomes.

Engagement with employee’s support structure prior to employment, and having them understand the journey of the employee and potential challenges.This way we can share the load of support.

Identifying champions, buddies, mentors, and role models for the program, both internal and external to the business.

Engage support structures to candidates. This could include their family, friends, and support people. We help to make the candidates goals their supports' goal as well.

Reward milestones. 6-month employment, 12-month employment, and completion of traineeship.

Allow the organisation and the client to share success stories.

Encourage trainees to later become the mentors and champions of the program.


Putting at-risk youth first through engagement principals requires dedication, effort and systems. Something the team at i24s are proud of.


Our team want the best from those that want to improve themselves. Our combined experience means goal-driven results are achievable. 


The best results come from mentoring and real-world opportunities. i24s has plenty of examples and no case is too difficult.

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